February 28, 2011

Amigos de Tanzania

Today we were so excited! We received letters from a 5th grade class in Tanzania, Africa. Sarah's letter was from Ollie. Cassidy's was from Tandi and mine was Tyler. We learned that these students are from all over the world. Super Chevere! We also learned that their class has a blog and we are excited to see it and learn more about what they do in Tanzania. We hope to communicate with them via Skype soon but are not sure about the time difference. That's all for now, I want to get back to writing my letter to Tyler.

Have you ever had a Pen Pal? From where?




  1. Hola de TANZANIA!! We, from Grado 5 and Grado 4 here at IST, have just read your post and are also very EXCITED to receive your responses to our 'cartas'. We have posted pictures of Grado 4 on our blog, latamaritabonita.wordpress.com, and explained our project with you as well as made a connection to your blog. We look forward to hearing from you PRONTO!!

    Sra. Tamara y las clases de Grado 5 y Grado 4 de IST

  2. We are excited to read your blog posting here in TANZANIA. We, in Grados 4 y 5, have pictures posted on the blog (latamaritabonita.wordpress.com so you can see what we look like. Grado 4 is on the first page, Grado 5 is on the Grado 5 page. We are very EXCITED to receive your 'cartas'!!!!!

    Sra Tamara y los estudiantes de Grado 5 y 4 de IST

  3. Me encanta todo lo que esta haciendo para que los ninos aprendan espanol de una manera facil y divertida.
    Como podria hacer para que mis ninos (9-12) puedan escribirse con sus estudiantes?
    Muchisimas gracias:)
    Maria Asuncion
    Abintra Montessori