March 15, 2011

Nuestras Cartas

We are in second grado. We just received our "cartas". We learned that Sonia likes to "nadar". We also learned that Nazri does NOT like to do "tarea". We are sending our "cartas" this week. We hope our "cartas" arrive in Tanzania soon.

Do you know anyone who lives in Africa? What part?


Maia y Sam


  1. We are so excited to see others reading our cartas. Hoy es el 16 de Marzo. We hope we will get some cartas from you soon. Yo hablo Urdu, Inges y un poco Espanol.


  2. I am so feliz you got our cartas. I'm Cate and this is my segundo anyo en la clase de espanol. Yo hablo espanol y ingles y un poco frances y kiswahili. Me gustan los lenguajes!!!

    =) Escribame pronto!!


  3. I'm so feliz that you received our cartas. I can't wait to read mine. Yo hablo 3 lenguajes - poco espanol, ingles, y Bangoli (de Bangladesh). Esto es mi segundo anyo de espanol y mi cuarto anyo aqui en IST. Hope to hear from you PRONTO!!

    Tu amiga nueva,


  4. We just put together a 'pizarron' talking about all of you there at DVE and sharing about our commentarios back and forth. Check it out on our blog de espanol on wordpress.

    Sra. Tamara