March 15, 2011

Lots of Different Languages

We received letters from kids in Tanzania this week. We cannot believe how many different languages they speak. We only speak English and Spanish. We are busy writing them back. We are looking forward to learning more about Tanzania and Africa. We also are so excited to have friends from another continent. Our friends are Shilen, Laura, Antonia, and Christian. 5th Grade I/E Group at DVE


  1. We are excited to receive your 'cartas' and are waiting patiently... this week we are on holiday; we'll be back to resume clases next Monday, April 11th; and hopefully to find our 'cartas' waiting! Sra. Tamara

  2. Es el 14 de abril, y todavia, desafortunadamente, no recibimos las cartas Sra. Tamara y las clases de G4 y G5 :(