February 13, 2013

Using Vokis to create talking avatars

Kids created speaking avatars today in class. It was a writing, reading and listening activity designed to have students listen to a variety of Spanish Speaking accents. Finished vokis will be on students' blogs.

January 30, 2013

Explain Everything for Vocab Practice

Today we used Explain Everything to practice reading, writing, and drawing our palabras nuevas. Tomorrow we'll add the speaking to each slide.  Students were engaged and on-task. They worked alone or in partners.

Elija se ríe mucho en la clase. 
Las chicas son muy inteligentes.

January 19, 2013

Making Movies

We have spent the last few months creating short movies with iMovie. Check out our YouTube channel to see our work.  Let us know what you think.

March 15, 2011

Lots of Different Languages

We received letters from kids in Tanzania this week. We cannot believe how many different languages they speak. We only speak English and Spanish. We are busy writing them back. We are looking forward to learning more about Tanzania and Africa. We also are so excited to have friends from another continent. Our friends are Shilen, Laura, Antonia, and Christian. 5th Grade I/E Group at DVE

Nuestras Cartas

We are in second grado. We just received our "cartas". We learned that Sonia likes to "nadar". We also learned that Nazri does NOT like to do "tarea". We are sending our "cartas" this week. We hope our "cartas" arrive in Tanzania soon.

Do you know anyone who lives in Africa? What part?


Maia y Sam

February 28, 2011

Amigos de Tanzania

Today we were so excited! We received letters from a 5th grade class in Tanzania, Africa. Sarah's letter was from Ollie. Cassidy's was from Tandi and mine was Tyler. We learned that these students are from all over the world. Super Chevere! We also learned that their class has a blog and we are excited to see it and learn more about what they do in Tanzania. We hope to communicate with them via Skype soon but are not sure about the time difference. That's all for now, I want to get back to writing my letter to Tyler.

Have you ever had a Pen Pal? From where?